Backups & Disaster Recovery

At some point, all computer hardware fails. It just does. Sometimes worse things happen, like a fire or flood. Lifeline IT helps our clients prepare.

Reliable backups, disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity planning (BCP) are indispensable. As Benjamin Franklin warned: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

It’s something we tackle as part of the service provided to every client. We encourage all our supported clients to give it the consideration it deserves.

There are three main components to Lifeline IT’s approach:

  • Data backups & recovery
  • Outline disaster recovery plans
  • Full business continuity plans

A reliable, fast annd secure Backup System allied to a sound Disaster Recovery plan are crucial.

Data Backups & Recovery is an area where the technology keeps evolving. A variety of methods and options are available. We advise clients on the solution that’s right for them.

Today, backup and restore solutions are increasingly cloud-based due to affordable bandwidth and storage costs. These provide fast, secure, continuous backup and rapid data restoration.

This means, when problems occur, downtime and disruption can be minimal.

Outline Disaster Recovery Plans

An outline disaster recovery plan is produced for all new clients as part of our induction process.

This plan will:
  • Identify critical systems
  • Build awareness of key risks
  • Contain ways to mitigate those risks
  • Indicate how to recover from any incidents.
The DR plan, which includes making sure robust backup systems are in place, is intended to put the business in the best possible position to avoid disasters and ensure it has the resources to cope should the worst happen.

Full Business Continuity Plans

Most businesses rely heavily on technology and automated systems. If disrupted, even for a few days, this can cause significant financial loss and even threaten the organisation’s survival. Management must be aware of potential disasters, plan to minimise disruption of critical functions and ensure they have the capability to recover operations quickly and successfully.

For larger businesses or those operating in a higher risk environment, we often work on a consultancy basis to advise on continuity planning. This involves working with key stakeholders to develop comprehensive business continuity plans.

This in-depth process covers all business procedures and areas of operation. It goes beyond IT issues to prepare businesses for all likely eventualities, for example power outages, floods and even acts of terrorism. Business relocation, deployment of new servers, telephony and PCs are all included. Proper account is also taken of your company’s commercial realities and available budgets.

Lifeline IT is able to make your organisation more prepared and able to deal with the out of the ordinary – things that probably won’t happen to you, but just might.


“When human error led to our entire system getting locked down by a crypto virus; we were back up and running by lunch time. Thanks to the good advice given by Lifeline; we had the right back up systems in place.”
Michael Rampton – Timepieces International Inc.









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