Experience of Diverse Sectors

Often we bring things learned in one area to shape solutions in another. This cross-fertilisation can produce highly effective results that might otherwise not have been considered.


Over the years, we have gained experience of most major sectors, but have in-depth knowledge in these particular areas:

Extensive experience means we are confident we can always help clients whether it’s improving their business performance by providing expert IT advice or increasing productivity by fixing a problem. To maximise the benefit of everything we learn, our engineers actively share case information and expertise with one another.

Industry-specific Expertise

Every customer has their own unique requirements, but in some sectors certain aspects of IT are more critical than in others.

Why not work with a team that understand your particular industry and its specific IT needs?

With our in-depth knowledge and experience we are able to:
  • Give strategic IT advice to achieve business goals
  • Advise on industry-specific software & hardware
  • Provide Security, backups & document management systems
  • Support clients with complex information processing requirements.


To access the Lifeline IT support portal and log an incident, please click the button below or phone us on 020 8238 7838.


Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 8238 7838

Head Office Address

Unit 8 Stirling Industrial Centre,
Stirling Way, Borehamwood,
Hertfordshire, WD6 2BT


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