What our Clients Say About Us

To mark our 20th anniversary, we invited some of our long-standing clients to share their experience of Lifeline IT. Read what they said.

Adam Bindman

Adam Bindman

Green & Partners, commercial property consultants in London’s West End, founded in 1992.

Green & Partners logo
“Lifeline IT have been our IT partner for over 15 years and play an essential role to our business. They’re our external in-house IT department and have provided answers to our IT issues over the years in a quick and easy to understand manner.

They’ve supported us through three challenging office moves, two major server upgrades and have helped us successfully implement working from home as a result of the pandemic.

On a day-to-day basis, they answer all of our IT questions – of which there have been plenty and some very simple – yet they always respond with knowledge, patience and a smile. They really are a superb company to have working with us and look forward to continuing the partnership.”

Edwina Lonsdale

Edwina Lonsdale

Founder of Mundy Cruising, the UK’s very first cruise specialist company.

Mundy Cruising - Logo
“We’ve been with Lifeline IT for nearly 20 years now and they’ve been incredible from the start. The day we knew we’d found exactly the right IT company was when they handled our office move – it was unbelievably complicated and a nightmare, but Lifeline just took us by the hand and looked after the whole thing. We will always be eternally grateful, as we did not have our own internal IT person and Lifeline basically did everything for us.

During the pandemic the move to working from home has been seamless because of the systems Lifeline had already put in place – it made it easy to transition to home working.

They are also excellent at face-to-face and problem solving – someone comes in regularly to do updates and ongoing maintenance. And if there is ever an emergency, they are always very responsive and quick – they understand that IT is vital to our business and go out of their way to resolve issues.

One of the great things about the team is that they are very good at speaking laymen’s language – other IT people we’ve worked with treat you like fools and use jargon, but you never get that with Lifeline.”

Richard Leslie

Richard Leslie

CEO of Dukelease, a property development company with over 30 years’ experience.

Dukelease logo
“Lifeline IT have been with us for coming up to 15 years and they provide a very good service – the fact we’ve been with them for so long is testament to that. They handle everything for us – our hardware, software, telephone systems and business-at-home set-up, which has become much more important during the last couple of years.

They’re very good at dealing with things – I just pick up the phone and it gets sorted, as they know it’s important. They go above and beyond the call of duty if something needs doing quickly.

We’ve had a few office moves over the years and Lifeline have been an integral part of these – they’ve always done an excellent job. And if something has gone wrong that’s out of their control – such as equipment from suppliers not turning up on time – they deal with it quickly and efficiently. And they never use ‘IT-speak’ – they talk in straightforward language that you can understand. They’re a great company and an invaluable support to our business.”

Shilpa Chheda

Shilpa Chheda

Partner at KLSA Accountants, which employs 50 people across two sites in London.

KLSA logo
“We’ve been with Lifeline IT since around 2014 and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough – in fact we have recommended them to several of our own clients. They’re very pro-active and have really looked after us over the years. We see Lifeline IT as more than just an IT supplier – they completely understand our business and what we need and are constantly coming up with solutions.

They handle everything for us – our hardware, software, maintenance and telephones – and we have a great relationship. They have been with us through the opening of our second office, which needed a complete new IT systems installing, and several acquisitions, which involved the transfer of different IT systems.

What’s different with Lifeline is they do face-to-face support, as well as remote support, and that makes a big difference. Once a month two of their engineers come on site and do maintenance and health checks – our staff find this helpful as problems can be solved in person, rather than having to do it remotely.”

David Cranley

David Cranley

Co-founder of Viridian Partnership, design and digital agency.

Viridian Partnership - logo
“In the very early days of Lifeline IT, they approached us to design their logo and brand identity. At the time, we needed better IT support so we thought it made sense to let them handle it and we’ve never looked back since.

The great thing about Lifeline is they are flexible and have a can-do attitude, but are never reckless. They don’t draw hard and fast lines about what tech they will work with. Their view is that if it’s technology that helps your business, they’ll support it, which is really important to us as we use a lot of design-specific IT. For example, we work with both Macs and Windows PCs and often IT suppliers aren’t willing to work with both, but Lifeline have from the get-go.

Over the years, they’ve never baffled us with science and tech jargon – they’re approachable and friendly and have the ability to talk in easy to understand terms. They’re more interested in trying to get an understanding of our business and which technology will be right for the company.

Many of the Lifeline team that we deal with have been there from the start 20 years ago. You always feel in safe hands and reassured.”

Martin McGann


Finance Director of LondonMetric Plc, which owns and manages real estate across the UK .

LondonMetric logo
“I’ve known Lifeline IT from a previous company that I worked for and when LondonMetric was created following a merger, I recommended that we got Lifeline in to manage our IT. That was about 2013 and they’ve been with us ever since.

They do the full suite of IT services for us and we’re incredibly happy with them. They do the day-to-day remote support and also come into the office on a regular basis to make sure all our systems are running properly. We have a team of just over 30 and I never hear anyone complaining about the IT so Lifeline must be doing something right!

They also look at things strategically – two or three times a year they look at our business needs and see what technology we’re going to need over the next 12 months. Because we have a long-term relationship with them, we can be realistic about what we can achieve within our budget and we can build on things year-on-year.

Lifeline IT are very strong as a company and the fact we’ve been with them nearly 10 years says a lot about the service they provide and the relationship we have.”



To access the Lifeline IT support portal and log an incident, please click the button below or phone us on 020 8238 7838.


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We work with clients as partners. Our role is to:
  • Listen & learn
  • Give expert advice
  • Be there for you
  • Help you grow.
Adam Woolf, Director, Lifeline IT
Meet the Team

Lifeline IT was founded by current owners Daniel Mitchell and Adam Woolf 18 years ago.

They remain a key part of the Lifeline IT team.

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We work with clients as partners. Our role is to:
  • Listen & learn
  • Give expert advice
  • Be there for you
  • Help you grow.
Adam Woolf, Director, Lifeline IT
Daniel Mitchell, Director, Lifeline IT
Meet the Team

Lifeline IT was founded by current owners Daniel Mitchell and Adam Woolf.

They remain actively involved in the delivery of our premium service together with the rest of the Lifeline IT team: managers, engineers and other support staff.

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