How to Keep your IT Equipment Cool

Published: 26 June 2023

How to Keep your IT Equipment Cool - a large IT computer fan with metal mesh protector

As the mercury rises, we’re all keen to find ways to avoid overheating during the summer months.

But spare a thought for your tech equipment, as it struggles with the blistering sun and rising temperatures.

With many people turning their gardens into offices or commuting on stiflingly hot trains and public transport, it’s important to make sure that whatever you are working on is protected from the heat and rays.

Lifeline IT’s Adam and Daniel have put together some key tips on how to make sure your IT equipment is kept cool:

  • If you’re working outdoors, you must protect your laptop as most aren’t designed for outdoor use. In direct sunlight, it will be difficult to read the screen and your device can quickly overheat – temperatures above 81 degrees are too hot for laptops and can cause long-term damage.
  • Consider investing in a laptop stand if you are outside. Not only will it help keep your computer cool by elevating it off the table, it also provides a more ergonomic, comfortable working position. The Roost stand is a good option:
  • Another piece of kit worth investing in is a laptop sunshade to protect your screen from the glare of the sun. There’s plenty of options available and you don’t have to spend a fortune:
  • Don’t forget about small tech items like phones, tablets, earphones and speakers. It goes without saying not to leave them in the sun and if you’re outside in the warm weather, a handy tip is to store them in a lunch cool box:
  • In offices, it’s essential that the temperature doesn’t get too hot. Air conditioning in server rooms is important to keep the temperature down – overheating servers and network appliances are often the reason behind equipment failure.




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