Published: 22 July 2021

Keeping calm under pressure is something that comes naturally to Lifeline IT’s Georgie Webb, which is a good thing as the Office Co-ordinator handles around 250 enquiries each week.

The 22-year-old is key to running the support desk and ensuring call and emails are dealt with promptly. We get to know Georgie and find out more about her role as an important support for Lifeline IT and its clients.

What does your job at Lifeline IT involve?

I’m the first point of contact for everything – answering the phones and emails and then directing them to the right department. Of all the team here at Lifeline IT, I probably speak to clients the most. I also run the admin desk and the diary, making sure everything is organised and dealt with efficiently.

Any challenges of the job?

I love being involved in everything that’s going on, but that can mean there’s a lot to juggle. But I don’t mind as I like being busy and knowing that everything is under control.

Has the role changed since Covid?

The role has definitely got a lot busier, especially as a lot of clients have been home working, which has meant more technical issues that we’ve had to deal with. I’ve been back in the office since March and I much prefer it – I’m a social person and you can’t build the same relationships with people over the phone or on video chat.

Are you a tech guru?

No, not at all! Some of the words that the guys use are a completely different language! What’s most important in my role is to be a strong communicator. I’m good at understanding the tone of voice on a call – this gives you a feel for how urgent something is so you can make sure the engineers know it’s important.

Best thing about working at Lifeline IT?

Definitely the people and the customers. Everyone is so friendly and always there to help each other out. We work hard but have fun – if you don’t have that in your job then its just 9 to 5.

Outside of Lifeline IT, what do you enjoy?

Shopping – although most of it has been online recently. I’m also running the marathon next year so I’m training for that. I like to do charity work and I went to Zambia for a month to help families with disabilities and I also do fund raising for the North London Hospice – this is who I’m running the London marathon for.

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