Windows 11

There’s much talk in the tech world about the upcoming new Windows 11 Operating System (OS), but what will it really mean for business and consumers? We take a closer look at the new system and give you the low-down.

Man on laptop using Windows 11

Software Price Increases

Lifeline IT gives you a heads-up on forthcoming software price increases for Cloud-based subscription services. Microsoft has confirmed that from 1 March 2022 a number of its Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licenses will increase in cost.

Software Price Increases

Back to Work Basics

People are starting to go back to their company's office or place of work. But after 18 months of home working, lots of offices and work places have been virtually empty. So before you go back, we’ve put together a handy guide of basics to consider.

People walking back to work

Microchip Shortage

Why the chips are down for everything from cars to PCs. The great microchip shortage has caused chaos for consumers and industries globally. We explain what the shortage is and how it came about, as well as what you can do to mitigate against supply issues.

Microchip being held between thumb and forefinger

Travel Tech 2021 – Podcast

Have a smooth getaway with the Lifeline IT travel tech podcast. With the summer finally here, many of us will be taking holidays either at home, or even perhaps abroad. But wherever you’re off to, it’s always good to know of the best tech items that can help improve your holiday experience.

Travel Tech : family with kids on holiday on the beach by the sea

Bluegem Virtual Online AGM 2021

Virtual AGMs can be a highly effective way to engage with staff and stakeholders. As technical facilitators, Lifeline IT recently delivered a second, successful virtual AGM for Bluegem Capital Partners. Organising and hosting these events is a new service available for existing clients and potential customers.

Stylistic world map showing international nature of Bluegem Capital Partners Virtual AGM 2021

Coding for Kids – Podcast

Are you confused by the term ‘coding’ and would you like to learn about how you can get yourself and the kids involved? In the latest edition of Lifeline IT’s series of podcasts – The Tech Lifeline – demystifies the world of coding and explains the basics of what is fast becoming an essential life skill.

Computer code illustrating 'Coding for Kids'

Dream Desk – Podcast

Having the right desk set-up has never been so important. Not only is it good for you physically – the correct chair and desk helps with posture and can prevent back and neck problems – but it can also improve wellbeing if you’re working in a pleasant environment. Find out how to create your ideal home office.

Your Ideal Home Office background image

New Series of Podcasts

Are you bamboozled by tech and wish you had your own personal expert to recommend the best gadgets and gizmos? The launch of Lifeline IT’s new podcast series hosted by Daniel Mitchell and Adam Woolf, ‘The Tech Lifeline’ is a go-to guide to help you get the very best out of tech.

Podcast Microphone

Homeworking Survey Results

Many of us have been working from home for over a year now. We take a look at what you’ve loved and loathed about setting up camp at the kitchen table. We reveal the findings of our ‘Tech Challenges’ survey, which asked people what they have struggled with and also enjoyed about working from home.

Working on a laptop from home to illustrate the Lifeline IT Homeworking Survey Results

The Art of the Telephone Conversation

We take a look at the growth of online video platforms and Lifeline IT’s Daniel discusses what the future may hold for the phone call. Daniel explains why he thinks the telephone call will remain a key communications tool in the future: "People can’t always be front of camera".

Man making a business call - office communication

Apple M1 Processor

There’s been much talk around the new Apple Silicon M1 processor which launched in 2020 and is tipped to revolutionise Mac products. It's a major change in Apple operating systems, but what exactly is the M1 and what does it mean for users? Get the low-down on this latest tech development.

Silver Apple logo on glass office or shop facia


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